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Paying rent is rewarding

RentMoola was inspired through the pain point experienced by Patrick Postrehovsky while paying his rent with cash in Shanghai, and the hassle Philipp Postrehovsky had while paying his rent with cheques. Daily ATM limits meant Patrick had to withdraw cash for four consecutive days at the end of each month to amass the funds to pay his rent.

Patrick realized he could purchase local currency at Vancouver International Airport's foreign exchange office for a small service fee using his rewards credit card. He quickly turned his rent payment into numerous free flights, and the idea of PAYING RENT IS REWARDING™ was born. Upon moving back to Vancouver, the twin brothers came together to launch RentMoola in 2013.

Tenants expect to make rewarding payments when they want, from anywhere, and RentMoola lets them do just that.

Philipp Postrehovsky, CBO

RentMoola has become one of North America's leading fintech companies and is changing the landscape of paying rent all over the world.

"Canadians can now pay their rent by credit card - and millennials love it" — NATIONAL POST

"RentMoola is one of 6 global technology companies to watch in 2017" — HUFFINGTON POST

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Tenants everywhere are enjoying the benefits of paying their rent anywhere, anytime.

Solving the age-old problem that paying and collecting rent is a major hassle, RentMoola is an online global payment network that allows tenants and owners to pay rent and other payments by credit card, debit card, RM eCheck™, RM Cash™ or RM BillPay™ while enjoying rewards. Members have access to our MoolaPerks™ program that provides exclusive deals to travel, lifestyle, home services and other rewards redeemable across North America, UK and Europe.